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This diet is used to treat a child's lactose intolerance and milk allergy.

Lactose Intolerance -- Lactose intolerance is caused by a deficiency of the enzyme lactase, which breaks down lactose, the form of sugar found in milk. This intolerance is commonly found in several ethnic groups, including blacks, American Indians, Mexican-Americans, and Orientals.

For infants, the substitution of formulas that do not contain lactose, such as soybean formula, will relieve symptoms of lactose intolerance.
Children and pregnant women should take a calcium supplement if they consume only small amounts of milk products.

Milk Allergy -- A milk allergy is a reaction caused by hypersensitivity to the protein found in milk. This allergy may occur more frequently in infants than in older children and adults, and can frequently cause an allergic reaction.

Milk allergy is treated with a diet using soybean or meat-based formulas that contain no milk. Commercially available soybean formulas vary considerably in mineral content, and deficiencies of both vitamin A and thiamine have been reported in infants consuming these formulas. Ask your doctor about vitamin supplements for your child.

Some children who are allergic to milk in one form may be able to use milk that has been boiled, evaporated or dried, because these processes change the protein. Milk is an important source of calcium, protein, vitamins A and D, and riboflavin. Foods rich in these nutrients should be selected when milk has been excluded from the child's diet. When milk products are excluded from the child's diet, high-calcium foods from the list below should be substituted.

More than 1,000 mg. per serving size
3/4 cup dry barley, oatmeal, or rice cereal

More than 100 mg. per serving size
1/2 cup collard greens
3/4 cup kale
1/2 cup mustard greens
12 oysters
3 1/2 oz. salmon (if bones are eaten)
12 shrimp
1 cup cooked instant creamed wheat (no milk added)
1/2 cup cooked barley cereal (no milk added)

More than 50 mg. per serving size
1/2 cup broccoli
1 cup Brussels sprouts

(Adapted from The Arizona Diet Manual, by the Diet Therapy Section of The Arizona Dietetic Association, Inc.)

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