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Brand & Generic Names

Seldane D

Basic Information

  • Habit forming? No
  • Prescription needed? U.S.: Yes Canada: No
  • Available as generic? No
  • Drug class: Antihistamine, H1-receptor antagonist


    Reduces allergic symptoms such as hay fever, hives, rash or itching. Less likely to cause drowsiness than most other antihistamines.

Dosage & Usage Information

How to take:
Tablet--Swallow with water or food to lessen stomach irritation.
Oral suspension--Take as directed on package.

When to take:
Follow prescription instructions.

If you forget a dose:
Take as soon as you remember up to 2 hours late. lf more than 2 hours, wait for next scheduled dose (don't double this dose).

What drug does:
Blocks effects of histamine, a chemical produced by the body as a result of contact with an allergen.

Time lapse before drug works:
1 to 2 hours; maximum effect at 3 to 4 hours.

Don't take with:
Any other medicine without consulting your doctor or pharmacist.


Headache, nausea, confusion, heart rhythm disturbance.


  • Dial 911 (emergency) or O (operator) for an ambulance or medical help. Then give first aid immediately.
  • See EMERGENCY Information.

Possible Adverse Reactions or Side Effects


    In case of overdose, see Overdose section.


    None expected.


  • Nausea, vomiting, sore throat, itching.
  • Fatigue, headache, dizziness, weakness.


  • Swollen lips. difficult breathing
  • Irregular heartbeat, nightmares, frequent urination, wheezing.
  • Thinning hair.

Warnings & Precautions

Don't take if:
You are allergic to terfenadine.

Before you start, consult your doctor:

  • If you have liver disease.
  • If you are allergic to other antihistamines.
  • If you have an enlarged prostrate or glaucoma.
  • If patient is under age 12.
  • If you are allergic to any substance or any medicine.
  • If you are pregnant or expect to become pregnant.
  • If you have asthma.
  • If you will have surgery within 2 months, including dental surgery, requiring general or spinal anesthesia.
  • If you plan to have skin tests for allergies.

Over age 60:
Don't exceed recommended dose. Take only on advice of your doctor.

Safety not established. Decide with your doctor whether drug benefits justify risk to unborn child.

Drug may pass into milk although this has not been proven. Consult doctor for advice on using while breast feeding.

Infants & children:
Safety and effectiveness in children under age 12 have not been established.

Prolonged use:
Take only on advice of your doctor.

Skin & sunlight:
No problems expected.

Driving, piloting or hazardous work:
Don't drive or pilot aircraft until you learn how medicine affects you. Sedation and dizziness are less likely to occur with terfenadine than with other antihistamines.

No problems expected.

No problems expected.

Possible Interaction with Other Drugs

------------------------ -----------------------
Carteolol Decreased antihistamine effect.
Erythromycins* Life-threatening heartbeat
irregularity. Avoid.
Itraconazole Life-threatening heartbeat
irregularity. Avoid.
Ketaconazole Life-threatening heartbeat
irregularity. Avoid.
Nabilone Greater depression of central
nervous system.
Sotalol Increased antihistamine effect.

Possible Interaction with Other Substances

Alcohol: Possible oversedation.
Beverages: None expected.
Cocaine: Decreased terfenadine effect.
Foods: None expected.
Marijuana: None expected.
Tobacco: None expected.

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