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ACYCLOVIR (Oral & Topical)

Brand & Generic Names

Zovirax Zovirax Ointment

Basic Information

  • Habit forming? No
  • Prescription needed? Yes
  • Available as generic? No
  • Drug class: Antiviral


  • Treatment and prevention of severe herpes infections of genitals occurring for first time in special cases.
  • Treatment of severe herpes infections on mucous membrane of mouth and lips in special cases.
  • Used for shingles (herpes zoster) and chicken pox (varicella) in special cases.

Dosage & Usage Information

How to take:
Capsule--Swallow with liquid. If you can't swallow whole, open capsule and take with liquid or food.
Tablet--Swallow with liquid. If you can't swallow whole, crumble tablet and take with liquid or food.
Suspension--Swallow with liquid.
Ointment--Apply to skin and mucous membranes every 3 hours (6 times a day) for 7 days. Use rubber glove when applying. Apply 1/2-inch strip to each sore or blister. Wash before using.

When to use:
As directed on label.

If you forget a dose:
Oral--Take as soon as you remember up to 2 hours late. If more than 2 hours, wait for next scheduled dose (don't double this dose).
Ointment--Apply as soon as you remember.

What drug does:
Inhibits reproduction of virus in cells without killing normal cells.
Does not cure. Herpes may recur.

Time lapse before drug works:
2 hours.

Don't take with:
Any other medicine without consulting your doctor or pharmacist.


Hallucinations, seizures, kidney shutdown.


  • Dial 911 (emergency) or O (operator) for an ambulance or medical help. Then give first aid immediately.
  • See EMERGENCY Information.

Possible Adverse Reactions or Side Effects


    In case of overdose, see Overdose section.


    Rash, hives, itch, mild pain, burning or stinging of skin, lightheadedness, headache, joint pain, diarrhea.


    Confusion, hallucinations, trembling, dizziness.


    Abdominal pain, decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting, breathing difficulty, blood in urine, decreased urine volume, acne, insomnia.

Warnings & Precautions

Don't take if:
You are allergic to acyclovir.

Before you start, consult your doctor:

  • If pregnant or plan pregnancy.
  • If breast-feeding.
  • If you have kidney disease.
  • If you have any nerve disorder.

Over age 60:
Adverse reactions and side effects may be more frequent and severe than in younger persons.

Studies inconclusive on harm to unborn child. Decide with you doctor whether drug benefits justify risk to unborn child.


  • Oral--Drug passes into milk. Avoid drug or discontinue nursing until you finish medicine. Consult doctor for advice on maintaining milk supply.
  • Ointment--No special problems expected. Consult doctor.

Infants & children:
Use only under special medical supervision by experienced clinician.

Prolonged use:

  • Don't use longer than prescribed time.
  • Talk to your doctor about the need for follow-up medical examinations or laboratory studies to check pap smear, kidney function.

Skin & sunlight:
No problems expected.

Driving, piloting or hazardous work:
No problems expected.

May be unnecessary to finish medicine. Follow doctor's instructions.


  • Women: Get Pap smear every 6 months because those with herpes infections are more likely to develop cancer of the cervix. Avoid sexual activity until all blisters or sores heal.
  • Don't get medicine in eyes.
  • Protect from freezing.
  • Check with doctor if no improvement in 1 week.
  • May interfere with the accuracy of some medical tests.

Possible Interaction with Other Drugs

------------------------ -----------------------
Nephrotoxic Possible increased kidney toxicity.
Zidovudine Increased risk of nerve damage.

Possible Interaction with Other Substances

--------------- ---------------
Alcohol: No problems expected.
Beverages: No problems expected.
Cocaine: Increased chance of brain and
nervous system adverse reaction.
Foods: No problems expected.
Marijuana: Increased chance of brain and
nervous system adverse reaction.
Tobacco: No problems expected.

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