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Brand & Generic Names

Actagen-C Cough Mallergan-VC w/Codeine
Actifed w/Codeine MEPERIDINE
Actifed w/Codeine Cough METHADONE
Adatuss D.C. Methadose
Adatuss D.C. Expectorant Midahist DH
Alamine-C Liquid MORPHINE
Alamine Expectorant Morphitec
Allerfrin w/Codeine M.O.S.
Ambay Cough M.O.S.-SR
Ambenyl Cough MS Contin
Ambophen Expectorant MSIR
Anamine HD MST Continus
Anatuss with Codeine Mycotussin
Aspirin Compound w/Codeine Myhistine DH
Astramorph Myhistine Expectorant
Astramorph-PF Myhydromine
Baycodan Myhydromine Pediatric
Baycomine Myphetane DC Cough
Baycomine Pediatric Mytussin AC
BayCotussend Liquid Mytussin DAC
Bayhistine Expectorant Naldecon-CX
Baytussin AC Normatane DC
Benylin with Codeine Nortussin w/Codeine
Biphetane DC Cough Novahistex C
Bromanate DC Cough Novahistex DH
Bromphen DC w/Codeine Cough Novahistex DH Expectorant
Buprenex Novahistine DH
BUPRENORPHINE Novahistine DH Expectorant
BUTORPHANOL Novahistine DH Liquid
Calcidrine Novahistine Expectorant
Caldomine-DH Forte Novopropoxyn
Caldomine-DH Pediatric Nubain
Calmylin with Codeine Nucochem
Cheracol Nucochem Expectorant
Chlorgest-HD Nucochem Pediatric
Citra Forte Expectorant
CoActifed Nucofed
CoActifed Expectorant Nucofed Expectorant
Codamine Nucofed Pediatric
Codamine Pediatric Expectorant
Codan Numorphan
Codegest Expectorant Omni-Tuss
Codehist DH OPIUM
CODEINE Oramorph
Codeine Sulfate OXYCODONE
Codimal DH P-V-Tussin
Codimal PH Pantapon
Colrex Compound Par Glycerol C
Conex w/Codeine Liquid Paveral
Cophene-S Pediacof Cough
Coricidin w/Codeine Penntuss
Coristine-DH Pethidine
C-Tussin Expectorant Phenameth VC w/Codeine
Darvon Phenergan w/Codeine
Darvon-N Phenergan VC with Codeine
De-Tuss Phenhist Expectorant
Demerol Pherazine VC w/Codeine
Deproist Expectorant Physeptone
w/Codeine Poly-Histine w/Codeine
Detussin Expectorant Poly-Histine-CS
Detussin Liquid Profene
Dihistine DH Prometh VC w/Codeine
Dihydromorphinone Promist HD Liquid
Dilaudid Pro Pox
Dilaudid Cough Propoxycon
Dimetane Expectorant-C Prunicodeine
Dimetane Expectorant-DC Pseudo-Hist Expectorant
Dimetane-DC Cough Pseudodine C Cough
Dimetapp with Codeine RMS Uniserts
Dolene Robidone
Dolophine Robitussin with Codeine
Doloxene Robitussin A-C
Donatussin DC Robitussin-DAC
Doraphen Roxanol
Doxaphene Roxanol SR
Dromoran Roxicodone
Duragesic Roxiprin
Duramorph Ru-Tuss w/Hydrocodone
Duratuss HD Liquid
Efricon Expectorant Liquid Ryna-C Liquid
Endal-HD Ryna-CX Liquid
Endal-HD Plus Soma Compound w/Codeine
Entuss-D SRC Expectorant
Entuss Expectorant Stadol
Entuss Pediatric Stadol NS
Expectorant Statex
Epimorph Statuss Expectorant
FENTANYL Statuss Green
Fortral Supeudol
Glydeine Cough Talwin
Guiatuss A.C. Talwin-NX
Guiatussin w/Codeine Liquid Temgesic
Histafed C Terpin Hydrate w/Codeine
Histussin HC T-Koff
Hycodan Tolu-Sed Cough
Hycomine Triacin C Cough
Hycomine Compound Triaminic w/Codeine
Hycomine Pediatric Triaminic Expectorant
Hycomine-S Pediatric w/Codeine
Hycotuss Expectorant Triaminic Expectorant DH
HYDROCODONE Triaminicin w/Codeine
Hydromine Trifed-C Cough
Hydromine Pediatric Tussaminic DH Forte
HYDROMORPHONE Tussaminic DH Pediatric
Hydropane Tussanil DH
Hydrophen Tussar-2
Hystadyl E.C. Tussar SF
Iophen-C Liquid Tussi-Organidin
Iotuss Tussi-Organidin Liquid
Isoclor Expectorant Tussigon
Kwelcof Liquid Tussionex
Laudanum Tussirex w/Codeine Liquid
Levo-Dromoran Vanex-HD
Levorphan Vicodin-Tuss

Basic Information

  • Habit forming? Yes
  • Prescription needed? Yes
  • Available as generic? Yes
  • Drug class: Narcotic


    Relieves pain and diarrhea; suppresses cough.

Dosage & Usage Information

How to take:
Tablet, capsule or extended-release tablet--Swallow with liquid. If you can't swallow whole, crumble tablet or open capsule and take with liquid or food.
Drops or liquid--Dilute dose in beverage before swallowing.
Transdermal--Follow instructions on prescription.

When to take:
When needed. No more often than every 4 hours.

If you forget a dose:
Take as soon as you remember. Wait 4 hours for next dose.

What drug does:
Blocks pain messages to brain and spinal cord.
Reduces sensitivity of brain's cough-control center.

Time lapse before drug works:
30 minutes.

Don't take with:
Any other medicine without consulting your doctor or pharmacist.


Deep sleep, slow breathing; slow pulse; respiratory arrest; flushed, warm skin; seizures; constricted pupils.


  • Dial 911 (emergency) or O (operator) for an ambulance or medical help. Then give first aid immediately.
  • If patient is unconscious and not breathing, give mouth-to- mouth breathing. If there is no heartbeat, use cardiac massage and mouth-to-mouth breathing (CPR). Don't try to make patient vomit. If you can't get help quickly, take patient to nearest emergency facility.
  • See EMERGENCY Information.

Possible Adverse Reactions or Side Effects


    Hives, rash, intense Seek emergency itching, faintness treatment immediately. soon after a dose (anaphylaxis); seizures; restlessness (severe); slow heartbeat; breathing difficulty.


    Dizziness, flushed face, difficult urination, unusual tiredness.


  • Severe constipation, abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea.
  • Dry mouth, headache, appetite loss, nightmares, decreased sex drive.


  • Hives, rash, itchy skin, face swelling, slow heartbeat, irregular breathing, hallucinations, jaundice, disorientation, fainting.
  • Depression, blurred vision, decreased mental performance, anxiety, insomnia, weakness and faintness when arising from bed or chair, euphoria, ears ringing.

Warnings & Precautions

Don't take if:

  • You are allergic to any narcotic.
  • Diarrhea is due to toxic effect of drugs or poisons.

Before you start, consult your doctor:

  • If you have impaired liver or kidney function.
  • If you will have surgery within 2 months, including dental surgery, requiring general or spinal anesthesia.
  • If you have asthma.

Over age 60:
More likely to be drowsy, dizzy, unsteady or constipated. Use only if absolutely necessary.

Decide with your doctor whether drug benefits justify risk to unborn child. Abuse by pregnant woman will result in addicted newborn. Withdrawal of newborn can be life-threatening.

Drug filters into milk. May harm child. Avoid.

Infants & children:
Not recommended.

Prolonged use:
Causes psychological and physical dependence (addiction).

Skin & sunlight:
May cause rash or intensify sunburn in areas exposed to sun or sunlamp.

Driving, piloting or hazardous work:
Don't drive or pilot aircraft until you learn how medicine affects you. Don't work around dangerous machinery. Don't climb ladders or work in high places. Danger increases if you drink alcohol or take medicine affecting alertness and reflexes, such as antihistamines, tranquilizers, sedatives, pain medicine, narcotics and mind-altering drugs.

May be unnecessary to finish medicine. Follow doctor's instructions. Notify doctor of any withdrawal symptoms such as gooseflesh, irritability, insomnia, yawning, weakness, large eye pupils.

Some products contain tartrazine dye. Avoid, especially if you are allergic to aspirin.

Possible Interaction with Other Drugs

------------------------ -----------------------
Analgesics, Increased analgesic
other* effect.
Anticoagulants*, Possible increased
oral anticoagulant effect.
Anticholinergics* Increased anticholinergic effect.
Antidepressants* Increased sedative effect.
Antihistamines* Increased sedative effect.
Butorphanol Possibly precipitates withdrawal
with chronic narcotic use.
Carbamazepine Increased carbamazepine effect possible
with propoxyphene.
Carteolol Increased narcotic effect.
Dangerous sedation.
Cimetidine Possible increased narcotic effect
and toxicity.
Clozapine Toxic effect on the central nervous
Ethinamate Dangerous increased effects of
ethinamate. Avoid combining.
Fluoxetine Increased depressant effects of
both drugs.
Guanfacine May increase depressant effects of
either drug.
Leucovorin High alcohol content of leucovorin
may cause adverse effects.
MAO inhibitors* Serious toxicity (including death).
Methyprylon Increased sedative effect, perhaps
to dangerous level. Avoid.
Mind-altering drugs* Increased sedative effect.
Molindone Increased narcotic effect.
Nabilone Greater depression of central
nervous system.
Nalbuphine Possibly precipitates withdrawal
with chronic narcotic use.
Naltrexone Precipitates withdrawal symptoms.
May lead to respiratory arrest,
coma and death.
Narcotics, other* Increased narcotic effect.
Nicotine Increased narcotic effect.
Nitrates* Excessive blood pressure drop.
Non-steroidal Increased narcotic
anti-inflammatory effect.
Pentazocine Possibly precipitates withdrawal
with chronic narcotic use.
Phenothiazines* Increased sedative effect.
Phenytoin Possible decreased narcotic effect.
Rifampin Possible decreased narcotic effect.
Sedatives* Increased sedative effect.
Selegiline Severe toxicity characterized by
breathing difficulties, seizures,
Sertraline Increased depressive effects of
both drugs.
Sleep inducers* Increased sedative effect.
Sotalol Increased narcotic effect.
Dangerous sedation.
Tranquilizers* Increased sedative effect.

Possible Interaction with Other Substances

--------------- ---------------
Alcohol: Increases alcohol's intoxicating
effect. Avoid.
Beverages: None expected.
Cocaine: Increased toxic effects of cocaine.
Foods: None expected.
Marijuana: Impairs physical and mental
performance. Avoid.
Tobacco: None expected.

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