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Brand & Generic Names

Ipecac Syrup Quelidrine Cough

Basic Information

  • Habit forming? No
  • Prescription needed? No
  • Available as generic? Yes
  • Drug class: Emetic


  • Used in emergencies to induce vomiting after medication overdose and in some instances of poisoning.
  • Don't use if suspected substance to be vomited is strychnine or a corrosive such as lye, kerosene, gasoline, bleach, strong acid or cleaning fluid.

Dosage & Usage Information

How to take:
Call doctor, poison-control center or emergency room before giving ipecac to anyone.
Don't give to an unconscious person.
Syrup, undiluted--Carefully follow instructions on the bottle.
Drink water immediately after taking ipecac.
Place person in a head-down position to prevent aspiration of vomitus.

When to take:
Upon discovery of accidental or intentional poisoning or overdose.
May repeat in 30 minutes if vomiting doesn't occur with first ipecac dose.
Don't give more than 2 doses.

If you forget a dose:
One-time use only.

What drug does:
Irritates stomach lining and stimulates the vomiting center in the brain.

Time lapse before drug works:
20 minutes.

Don't take with:
Any other medicines (including over-the-counter drugs such as cough and cold medicines, laxatives, antacids, diet pills, caffeine, nose drops or vitamins) without consulting your doctor.


Watery diarrhea, breathing difficulty, stiff muscles.


  • Dial 911 (emergency) or O (operator) for an ambulance or medical help. Then give first aid immediately.
  • See EMERGENCY Information.

Possible Adverse Reactions or Side Effects


    Heartbeat irregularity. Seek emergency treatment immediately.


    None expected.


    None expected.


    None expected.

Warnings & Precautions

Don't take if:
You are drunk from any source.

Before you start, consult your doctor:
If you have heart disease (ipecac can be poisonous to a damaged heart).

Over age 60:
No special problems expected.

No studies done. Unknown effect. Consult doctor.

Consult your doctor.

Infants & children:
Give only after consulting doctor or poison-control center.

Prolonged use:
Not intended for long-term use.

Skin & sunlight:
No problems expected.

Driving, piloting or hazardous work:
Don't drive or pilot aircraft until you learn how medicine affects you. Don't work around dangerous machinery. Don't climb ladders or work in high places. Danger increases if you drink alcohol or take medicine affecting alertness and reflexes.

No special problems expected.


  • If you are instructed to also use activated charcoal, don't use until after ipecac has induced vomiting.
  • Don't give more than 2 doses to anyone.

Possible Interaction with Other Drugs

------------------------ -----------------------
Charcoal, activated Improves treatment. If taken for
the same overdose, charcoal should
follow vomiting induced by ipecac.
Other medicines or herbs Decreased ipecac
to cause vomiting effect.

Possible Interaction with Other Substances

--------------- ---------------
Alcohol: Avoid. Vomiting while drunk can be
Carbonated. Stomach distention. Avoid.
Milk. Decreased ipecac effect.
Cocaine: Avoid.
Foods: No problems expected.
Marijuana: Avoid. Aspiration of vomitus could
be fatal.
Tobacco: No problems expected.

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